10/2/2013 We Build Arrows. Faster.
We found a way to produce our Speed Arrows much more... Speedily. Net result is a 33% cost savings per arrow.

9/13/2013 Warlord Weekly #2 is up!
We've got two new Warlord Weekly videos up! One on the how and why of Block Strike and another on how to throw a classic and a modified Darkside. Go check them out in the Content -> Articles section!

9/6/2013 Warlord Weekly #1 Released
Warlord Brett has collaborated with us to start a new project called 'Warlord Weekly'. The first set of videos is up in the Content section under articles. Enjoy!

7/15/2013 New Article, Goofy Shield
New article up about how to start a LARP club at a school. Also added a goofy coffin-lid type shield for Alliance/Nero. Go check them out!

5/20/2013 New Article, New Products
We have a great new article up from Kay-Ef'Em of the Chosen in our articles section. We've also finally added arrows to the website. Go read some stuff, go buy some stuff.