Blog posts of '2009' 'December'

Fighting Definitions - Stance - On Foot

This is the default stance for pretty much everything. Pay attention to the spacing on the feet, I really can't stress it enough.

Fighting Definitions - Stance - Off Foot

This stance is a bit of a setup. You do it when you want them to throw what they think of as a 'safe' attack at max range, and you block and cover a lot of distance by taking a passing step with your back foot. This is also the default defensive stance while fighting sword and board.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Straight Stab

The basic stab. I recommend rotating your wrist as you push your stab forward; the rotation will automatically force you to keep your sword point parallel to the ground and avoid having your sword tip arc upwards as it goes forward. This reduces those annoying stabs to the throat which don't count.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Slot

Absolute most basic possible shot. This is probably the strongest contender for 'what do we teach them first' since it is much easier to grasp than a wrap shot.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Hook Stab

A more advanced technique requiring solid tip control and timing, this can become a real staple of your fighting style with practice. There is little more entertaining than stabbing somebody with this so solidly in the cross shoulder that you spin their torso around.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Hack

Basic and simple riposte shot, frequently to the forearm.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Flat Cross

The proper way to throw a cross shoulder shot. Should still be used sparingly due to long recoil times and ease of being blocked.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Five Basic Wraps - Same Side Shoulder

Probably the second wrap that should be taught to new players. Properly executed this is a threat to even very top-end sword and boarders.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Five Basic Wraps - Hip Scoop

Bread and butter if you're fighting hand matched or cross-handed on shieldmen.

Fighting Definitions - Shots - Five Basic Wraps - Flat Wrap

One of the first shots that should be taught to new players, and definitely the first wrap shot they should learn.