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Keep 2010 Tourny Analysis: Peter/Tempest Single

We see five total fights here. Tempest wins the first one and then Peter wins four in a row.
Compared to the single sword semi finals, these fights are harder to analyze. This is because Tempest is a much more fluid fighter than Rythor. Where Rythor tried to control the fights by position and bait, Tempest is always moving looking for an open lane of attack. This is much closer to the way Peter fights. Combine that with the fact that both of them have good lateral footwork and these matches range all over the ring and we end up with several shots obstructed by the bodies of the fighters.
With both men looking to aggress towards any opening they see but staying ranged until they see one, this battle mostly happens at full extension as well. That means that sometimes the fighters aren’t both in the frame and its certainly not quite as easy for us to see the fight holistically for analysis.
The first fight really starts at about 0:24 with the earlier seconds of the film being the reeve ready checks. You can see in this fight that Tempest is driving the action. He is moving forward and pushing Peter to move back. You can see that even when being backed up Peter is still mostly remaining ready to advance with his weight distributed and stored range in his arm and legs. At 0:38 is a great example. Tempest is looking to open Peter with repeated feints at his sword. The best example is at 0:40 but you can see the same thing at 0:53 and 1:01. These feints are probably not even designed to hit the sword but only to draw Peter into a reaction allowing Tempest to get in his attack. The one at 0:40 especially is a feint toward a position as much as a feint against either Peter or Peter’s sword. Peter is fairly disciplined as none of those feints move his sword in any notable way. However, they are risk free moves for Tempest because the two are fighting at range so I still like these feints well enough.
The kill sequence of this first fight runs between 1:10 and 1:20. It’s well executed on Tempest’s part. It starts with an arm scoop at 1:14. This shot is taken from such deep range that it’s not especially likely to hit but it keeps Peter from advancing into his next shot. Notice through the next exchange of blows that Peter has all his weight on his front foot (obvious because his back foot is off the ground). This means that all of Peter’s movements for the final block/shot exchanges of this match are restricted to what he can do with arms and torso. I don’t want to exaggerate this since Peter is only out of position like this for a couple of seconds. However since they are the critical seconds of this match they do matter. On the killing blow, Tempest is actually dodging Peter’s shot using footwork, which allows him an unobstructed attack over Peter’s shoulder at 1:17.
The second fight of this match, from 1:27 to 1:45, is a little different. The fighters have circled and are ready to engage immediately. In this second fight, Peter seizes the initiative which between two aggressive fighters is close to taking control of the fight. Peter is the one on the attack this time. I can’t be sure what is going through Tempest’s mind but it sure looks like he is aware of it and trying to take the initiative back. This is dangerous because one of the things that Peter showed against Rythor and one of his skills I know from experience is the tasty stab he uses here (I am 90% sure since Tempest’s body obstructs the camera). At 1:43 Tempest looks to close and Peter reacts with an immediate torso stab, costing himself only an arm wound and giving him the win.
The third fight shows some long range circling and the two fighters squaring off and considering each other for a while before the fatal close at 2:24. I wish we had a better camera angle on this attack. I can tell that Peter initiates the attack and that he arm blocks Tempest’s return strike. Which of Peter’s shots is the kill is harder to tell. He takes a long lunge into a chop at the lower torso or hip, which may kill or may hit leg. Immeaditaely after his arm wound Peter switches and hits with the left to the same area. Clearly one of the hits was a torso shot but Peter’s body obstructs so its hard to be sure. If I had to guess, I would think the first shot was decisive and the second was just a caution shot in case the first had missed. Footwork in this exchange is also interesting. Tempest is excellent at lateral movement but it looks like beginning of Peter’s lunge coincides with Tempest’s lateral step between 2:24 and 2:26. Its possible that this hurt Tempest’s ability to extent as fully as he might have with all his leg power focused on the back to front axis. Its certain that Tempest is adjusting his feet to do this as the shot exchange happens but the space of a couple of seconds within a fight isn’t long enough to get all the way there, I suspect.
The fourth fight again starts with circling and out of range maneuvering. The actual attack sequence is initiated by Tempest at 3:17. This is the only significant mistake I see Tempest make in the whole video. He is taking the initiative, which I like but the actual attack he makes is a very hard one. He is attacking from deep range and it looks like he is trying to shoot past Peter’s block to the lower right torso or hip. That’s never an easy shot and without some kind of misdirection it just too easy a shot to block. Further taking that shot from long range means Tempest is exposing himself to a lot of retaliation. Best case scenario here for Tempest would be if Peter sees all the exposed area and swings before he blocks. However, that is pretty unlikely from an advanced fighter like Peter. I can’t tell in the end whether Peter entirely blocked Tempest’s shot or whether Tempest caught a leg. It’s clear he wasn’t very close to his actual target though. This one mistake shouldn’t detract from the overall quality of the match that Tempest fought but the combination of targeting the sword side hip, not using some kind of opener, and doing it from deep range is just too much risk, in my opinion.
The fifth and final fight of this match starts off with the two fighters more cautious then they have been. Since both have been trying very hard to be the aggressor throughout, this caution is relative. I believe both respect the speed of their opponent enough that they are trying to get a good spot to aggress. That’s a lot like most of these matches but in this case the fighters are circling at long but actionable range rather than outside range. Peter is the one who finally moves, making his actual attack at 4:31. Tempest blocks Peter’s shot well and rolls right into his own shot which Peter hand-blocks. Peter rolls off that block into the killing blow. This shows the advantages of successful fight control. Peter dictates this attack sequence and is moving forward. That makes it that much easier for him to roll off the block into the kill. Tempest has to give a little ground and has his weight less balanced. This means his attack rolling off the block is a toward a more covered area of Peter’s body. Conversely when Peter rolls of his hand-block, Tempest is relatively exposed. This is a similar version but much less extreme of the first fight (with the roles reversed).
Overall this was a fight of two aggressive single sword fighters both looking to take control of the fight by seizing the initiative. Both were able to take control by quick aggression in some fights. Peter’s ability to take control even when Tempest was the aggressor was probably the biggest difference in these fights but they were generally very close and well matched. I bears remembering that Peter had to come through the loser bracket where Tempest had sent him to even get to these fights so these fighters got to see a lot of each other in single and had plenty of time to adapt.