Blog posts of '2013' 'September'

Warlord Weekly #4: Single Sword Setups with Peter the Quick

Warlord Peter the Quick of Amtgard, Belegarth, and Dagorhir shows us the basics of how to create shot setups and control to create openings in our opponents guard. 

Warlord Weekly #3: Interview with Sir Michael, Hammer of God

Warlord Brett interviews Sir Michael, Hammer of God about his extensive experience fighting in tournaments and mentally preparing oneself for that competition.

Warlord Weekly #2: Darkside and Modified Darkside

Warlords Brett and Brennon talk about and demonstrate the Darkside and a modified Darkside.

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Warlord Weekly Drill of the Month #1: Block Strike

Warlord Brett talks about and demonstrates Block Strike.

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Warlord Weekly #1: Basic Shots

Warlord Brett covers basic shot mechanics for the Slash, Stab, Flat Wrap, Backhand, Wrap, and Chop (or Hammer).

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Flat Wrap


The Wrap

Chop (Hammer)