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2014 Tournament Series Winner

Our 2014 Tournament Series is over, and the winner is Sir Potato!


Sir Potato chose as his prize a custom suit of armor. We will be chronicalling the construction of his prize in pictures and articles on our site.


Here is what the victor had to say about his experience:


The tournament series was an awesome experience - as a warlord of about three years now, you get tired of competing quickly. Overnight, you go from being a hero to the guy everyone wants to see take a dive. Tournaments transform from an opportunity to prove yourself into a job that you clock in to. But the tournament series breathed life back into competition for me - with the posted rankings, prizes, and the promise of overall prize, it really restored my enjoyment for tournaments. 


I have always been a fan of high volumes of training. In 2014 I was putting in about five to six times a week, an hour a day, and another ninety minutes of lifting due to my spine-rending vanity. I did a lot of simple pelling in the early months to smooth out shot mechanics, which really impacted my hand speed. Just 100-200 of each basic shot with some simple footwork drills in between, like dot drills or jumping rope. I also did a number of different drills with my squire Dias, who deserves credit for putting in a ton of time doing everything I asked of him on pure faith. In May I got to train in Dallas for three months, which left me a much more analytical fighter, albeit too injured to compete at Keep - I had golfers elbow in my right hand, and tore a ligament in my ankle. After that I worked the left hand hard while I healed up. My game has definitely had a renaissance in 2014, and I'm hoping to ascend to my final form in 2015.

I would credit my win, primarily, to being in the right place at right time. They ran two larger WLS tournaments in Texas in May (an EH Quals, and a WL tournament) while I was there on an internship, and then a whole cluster of WLS tournaments back in my area (Olympiad, WV Principality tournament, and a small tournament in Tiffin Ohio), all within about 4 hours. While I definitely put in the miles, I got a lot more access to tournaments and points than other fighters did just out of timing. I'm hoping that next season has more people apply to run WLS tournaments.


I want to dedicate this win to hungry fighters in isolated areas, the guys who are far from the fighting core of the game but still want to ascend the ranks. If I can come this far, so can you.