Flat Rate Shipping!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We just implemented $12.99 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental US. On all items.

Plank of shield foam? $12.99 shipping. 
8ft polearm? $12.99 shipping.
Ten Cross-Gamers? $12.99 shipping.
Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab? $12.99 shipping.
Russian mail-order bride? $12.99 shipping.

All of the above at the same time? $12.99 shipping!

This is kind of a big deal. It makes us the most cost-effective distributor of foam-fighting supplies on the internet. To help get the word out we put this post on our Facebook page and are going to give away two $50 gift cards selected randomly from among everybody who shares that post.

So share the post, tell your friends, win stuff, and enjoy flat-rate shipping.

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